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Wild West Multigun (3-Gun) 2016 Stage1 Audra Brown

2016 Wild West Multigun in Cresson, Texas.

A Sister and a Brother Shooting Together From Home-Made to Nation-Wide

My whole family shoots, and we’ve always liked to do it together. When it comes to 3-Gun, me and my brother Keane travel and compete together as much as possible. The rest of the crew comes along when they can, but they’re more inclined to prioritize the farm work that always needs to be done.

Me and Keane’s shooting story started years ago with a pair of spring-operated airsoft pistols and an array of targets that strongly resembled snuff-cans on strings. We’d cripple the muscles in our hands cocking those thing for every shot, but it seemed more than worth it at the time.

A matched pair of Ruger Mark III .22s followed and back in the days when .22LR was plentiful and cheap, we’d go through a brick a day when we could.

Our competitive inclinations always had us trying to out-shoot each other and while we ought not to keep track, we’ve both got a story or two that we like to rub in from time to time.

Eventually, we took out guns towards town and competed in a couple of Turkey Shoots that resulting in some turkey and an appreciation for our home range in the front yard.

We continued to find new challenges, hunting varmints in out spare time and getting an antelope tag every few years. Always inclined to push ourselves, our first antelopes were with rifles, and we both decided to go after the second ones with scoped-handguns. Me with my .500 and him with a .44, we again, wasted no bullets and took down our targets.

Then, sometime in the later part of 2011, we got a sort of invite to try this odd thing known as practical pistol competition or USPSA. We found out the essentials of the rules and scavenged through our stuff to find something vaguely suitable.

We took the smallest caliber we had that was bigger than a .22. With our .45s on our hips we went and shot and dadgummed if we weren’t hooked. We swallowed our pride and bought some .40 caliber Glocks, excited to shoot something with so many rounds in the magazine.

We played around at the local club, amused but not especially ambitious, until the next year, due to reasons quite reasonable, we did not choose to attend the Taekwondo World Championships in Canada. Needing a new excuse for a summer pseudo-vacation, we went to the Double Tap Championship and realized just how big this competitive shooting thing could be.

Over the next year, we shot some majors and upgraded our gear to something that we hadn’t found behind the seat in the pickup. It was fun, but then…

…we discovered 3-Gun.

I only had to see one match to know that this was the game I wanted to play. I immediately registered for the 2013 Fallen Brethren since it was the next match I could get into and spent the summer of 2013 collecting weapons and gear.

I had a Glock, from my USPSA piddling, but my AR was a heavy rig, suited more for long-range varmint elimination than any short of moving and shooting. And I’d never been much of shotgun shooter once I started carrying a pistol to blow the head off snakes. So I bought a shotgun, and got sponsored with a rifle, and I shot that match and the rest is sort of history.

We’re still shooting together, and we’ll see you on the range.

Wild West Multigun 2016 Stage 8 Audra Brown

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